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Our business is about linking discovered facts and figures with what they mean in terms of our unique culture and local market requirements. Solid research is the cornerstone of a successful investment, and in particular makes all the difference to a visit to a new market. We offer a range of market, consumer and branding research using advanced analytical tools, combined with our excellent language skills and knowledge of the South-east Asian market environment.

Industry Research Service

We are fact-finders, investigating on behalf of our clients, researching and verifying required base data and information - precisely.   Our "tools" include databases such as ITC Trade Map, government law and regulations, surveys of customer behaviour and perceptions, as well as analyzing market trends. At the local level, we identify and check out your key business partners and we support all this with logistics and cultural background. All this helps enable and enhance business trips and allow our foreign visitors to focus on the main business in hand.

Consumer Behaviour & Market Trends Research Service

We are a highly quantitative business - a fact reflected in our company name - and very capable of analyzing markets, prices, supply and demand, and consumer trends using a range of formal statistical tools, including "big data" analytics. However, we fully understand that people are not numbers, and that consumer behaviour is determined by culture. For example, the mixture of demographics and the unique quality of "Thai-ness", is something we want to help our visitors include in their investment planning.


Branding is a key element in our work to help you localised you brand to fit the life-style of your target market. We work closely with you to understand what are your goals, objectives and the concepts of you business before continue with competitors analysis. We then analyze the brand to help advise on any adjustments to be made. This helps our clients position themselves sensitively in the local market and explore the local opportunities that arise.

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