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Meetings Management

Contacting partners in Asia can be a challenge. Let us handle the hassle for you. With our language skills and knowledge of the country and culture, it is more efficient for us to arrange meetings and help you get there.  Precisely offers a wide range of services to enable your business trip so that you can focus only on your work. 


There are two options

1. We’ll take your list of desired contacts, or help you develop one to suit your objectives.

2. We help you search for possible partners. We will collect all the relevant information about them for you so you can have the right information before meeting them in person.

Meetings are normally arranged by phone and/or email – most people in Asia insist on a written agenda (usually in local language) for the meeting, and we’ll deal with that. We will provide updates on how the schedule for your programme is progressing. In a high context culture it takes time to understand the real meanings behind an answer as  there is fear of "losing face" or making others upset by rejecting them. Therefore, getting to Yes may take time, while the No may not come in a straight-forward way.

Planning The Business Trip

We take serious consideration of the time of day (because the traffic flow can vary greatly), area and location, transportation and routes when we arrange meetings. Geographical knowledge helps us to provide the most efficient business trip, allowing you to have the maximum number of meetings per day. Knowing the territory also helps us advise on hotels and restaurants and other services you made need.


We’ll follow the plan and the schedule we’ve agreed with you and with the meeting partners. The company can provide you with transport - however you want to get to the meetings.


However, there can always be a black swan where things may not follow the plan. Therefore, we always have plan B to give you the most efficient transport for a particular schedule, allowing for where the meetings are and what kind of transport is available in that area.


Language skills and personal behavior affect the business relationship. Cultural differences are an important consideration. Having a cross-cultural interpreter join in the meeting can reduce tension for the local people when meeting foreigners and avoid miscommunication. We help explain not just the words, but what is really going on. When there is a special etiquette that is important in a particular culture, we will give you an advice before hand.

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