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Precisely provides international business development services in South-east Asia.

About Us


We help you connect with your market through research and surveys.  

We provide a one-stop service that  helps your business trip run smoothly.

With our professional outsource support services, you can significantly increase your project efficiency.

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Precisely, was founded by Ms. Apatsanunt Bastin (Seiya), in early 2017. At Oxford, and at Queensland University of Technology where she studied Business and Management, she had her exchange programme. This was when she realized that the ability to adapt quickly to different places is very important for successful business, especially when the schedule is tight. It gives her the passion to setting up the company, Precisely.


Precisely helps our clients get the essential market and local information that is critical for expanding business in new locations. We live in South-east Asia, so contacting local partners on behalf of our clients is more efficient.


We enable international business visits to our regions, including logistic help with accommodation, transport and, of course, our main focus of market research and marketing/branding where cultural aspects are particularly important. Right now we work in Thailand and Myanmar, but are looking forward to expanding our service across the region and even further afield.

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Precisely is run by young professionals who have a passion for enabling business and investment – we particularly enjoy start-ups, either green field, or an established business but in a new territory or sector. Precisely is based on our cross-cultural and organizational skills. The unique strength of our team is that we enjoy the challenge of solving unexpected problems. Clients are happy with our responsible, energetic and target-oriented support.

Apatsanunt Bastin (Seiya)

Founder & Director

With her passion in business development, Seiya keeps her eye on possible opportunities. Her work has included hospitality, beverage distribution, event organizing and market research in the food industry. Her experience in a Japanese-funded start-up company in Bangkok gave her idea for Precisely. The company builds her talents and passion into a service that will enable foreign investors to get up and running quickly, based on cross-cultural understanding (British-Thai) and her comprehensive knowledge of the South-
east Asia region.

“I challenge myself with new experiences and to live outside my comfort zone. I am highly adaptable and very aware of the importance of cultural differences since I have lived and studied in different countries. I believe that responsibility is the foundation of professionalism."

Apatsanunt Bastin (Seiya)

Founder and Director

Pongpon Sawangvong (Bia)

Advertising & Media Director

Bia has seven years of work experience in the advertising and media industry throughout Asia. His extensive regional experience is based on organizational skills, networking and the core design and facilitation skills needed for this demanding and competitive industry.

“I love working in this industry as it gives me an opportunity to meet different kind of people, travel; and most importantly, a chance to use my strategic planning skills. By the way, my travels have taken everywhere from Nepal to Japan, so I really get cross-cultural requirements. It excites me when I see my plans come alive; even when something doesn’t work, I feel very proud of myself if I'm able to solve unexpected problems. It’s the challenge and I love solving the puzzles."

Pongpon Sawangvong (Bia)

Advertising and Media Director

Paing Soe Hlaing (Pai)

Burmese Representative

Pai is Precisely’s representative in Yangon, Myanmar. He graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Automotive Engineering.  He has been a major part of our recent successful project in Myanmar, covering market research in aquafeed. He is fluent in English and Burmese, has great local business connections and, most importantly, brings his cross-cultural understanding into action.

“As well as representing Precisely, I’m also working in my family business where we import LPG from Thailand and distribute it throughout Burma. With Precisely I want to challenge myself working in different fields where my connections here and in South-east Asia can add value to investors. Burma is now open for foreign investment and business is booming.”

Paing Soe Hlaing (Pai)

Burmese Representative

Cathy Chen

Burmese Representative

Cathy is an Oxford Brookes University graduate in Business and Management. She has excellent connections in Asia and UK and a goal-oriented mind. Cathy helped with Precisely’s successful work on aquafeed in Myanmar. She is fluent in Chinese, Burmese and English, which gives her great social skills in a cross-cultural environment.

“I'm interested in start-ups, and I have my own business interests. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment where people value creativity and are responsible for their own tasks. I'm looking for different opportunities that will help me expand my skills and experience. That's why I love to be involved with Precisely's projects. Traveling to places in Asia and Europe, having lots of friends world-wide also fulfil my own personal goals.”

Cathy Chen (Cathy)



Precisely aims to build a sustainable relationship with our clients. Our ethic is honest and straightforward business. We like to think of our clients as family members, and their requests take first priority.

We provide one stop service for their projects in Thailand and the region, including background research and enabling meetings.

We worked with SEDIA on Investment Promotion in association with the World Bank Group.

Help making the company run smoothly in Thailand.

Creating Linkages for  Expanded Agriculture Network between Thai-Laos.


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